About us

3N Solutions Sp. z o.o. specializes in comprehensive maintenance and cleaning of electrical equipment. Since 2010, we have been building experience and customer relations throughout the country, improving the safety and efficiency of electro-energy systems in our partners' facilities.

We offer the highest quality service, professionally performed electrical measurements (including thermovision) as well as the most effective cleaning technologies available on the market. We work with the largest international concerns, as well as with companies operating on the local market. We approach each client individually through the most effective cleaning technologies available on the market.

We are proud because we have completed all the tasks set before us with the success and satisfaction of the client, and all our partners have given us positive references while continuing our cooperation with us.

The 3NS technology is based on an innovative cleaning medium, the main element of which is a gas mixture specially prepared on the gas ramp of a technological car. Contaminants removed from devices and components at the place where the mixture is applied are collected automatically by a pressure extractor.

We have maintained electrical equipment for customers operating in the following industries:

Power engineering
Steel industry
Automotive industry
Food industry
Paper production
Chemical industry
Petrochemical industry