Gas mixture

The 3NS technology is based on an innovative cleaning medium, the main element of which is a gas mixture specially prepared on the gas ramp of a technological car.

Gas under pressure

The mixture in the form of gaseous mist is fed to the cleaned devices with specialized nozzles. Its composition and operating pressure (not exceeding 0.5 - 2.5 bar) are regulated by the control module - depending on the type, degree of soiling and the type and sensitivity of the devices being cleaned.

3N Solutions technology

The mixture reaches the places and recesses of components that are inaccessible to traditional methods. After getting under the dirt and contact with atmospheric pressure, the medium increases its volume several hundred times, effectively removing even these pollutants that are most resilient, and thus pose the greatest danger to the device, without interfering with the structure of components.

Safe and friendly

The mixture is completely dry, it does not undergo physical and chemical reactions with the cleaned elements, it has no abrasive properties. The technology can be used in many areas other than electrical devices (heat exchangers, valve islands, hydraulics, constructions, technological machines, welding machines, etc.)


Contaminants removed from devices and components at the place where the mixture is applied are collected automatically by a pressure extractor.