Ozonation is a method that uses a gas - ozone (O3), sometimes called active oxygen, which is one of the most effective disinfectants known. Ozone is characterized by the fact that it is of low durability, has non-flammable properties, and also dissolves easily in water. However, special care should be taken when using it, because it is a substance with a high degree of toxicity and aseptic properties. For this reason, ozonation should be performed only by specialized teams with the appropriate permissions and appropriate certificates and approvals for the equipment used to perform the process.

Ozonation is based on the use of a chemical reaction of ozone consisting in entering into action with organic compounds harmful to the human body, such as mold, fungi (and their spores), microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, protozoa, mites, allergens). As a result, all harmful compounds are lost in the room and a fresh, delicate fragrance remains in the air. Similar effects of ozonation can be feeling in nature right after the storm (then the concentration of ozone in the air increases). Special ozone generators are used to ozone the rooms, which completely destroy harmful substances and eliminate them from the room. The ozone molecules produced during the decomposition release the oxygen molecule, which by combining with the mentioned compounds neutralize them.

Ozone treatment is a method that allows you to get rid of harmful allergens from the room that cause allergic reactions or problems with the upper respiratory tract. They are also used to refresh infected air, remove unpleasant odors of various origins (both natural and artificial), and remove any harmful organic compounds. Thanks to the regular use of this method of disinfection, the air in a given room is much cleaner, fresh and eliminates many health problems. After ozonation is applied, a characteristic smell remains in the room for several weeks. The concentration of 0.02-0.05 ppm is safe for the body, while the concentration above 0.08 ppm of ozone in the inhaled air for at least 8 hours is already dangerous for the body.