Pomiary termowizyjne i elektryczne 3n solutions

Thermovision and electrical measurements

We offer comprehensive measurements of power installations. As part of the service, we are able to prepare a report covering the analysis of the technical condition of components based on thermography and electrical measurements.

The performed measurements identify places of potential failures, giving the opportunity to plan an effective process of device maintenance. As part of our services, we also offer the ability to perform measurements after equipment maintenance to assess the effectiveness of performed maintenance work.

Insulation resistance measurements
Short circuit loop measurements
Measurements of earthing / lightning protection systems
Measurements of residual current circuit breakers

We offer clients periodic cooperation on the basis of a permanent contract or the ability to perform measurements based on one-off orders. The 3N Solutions company also carries out independent audits/assessment of the condition of electrical power equipment in your plants.

Our services

Cleaning of electrical appliances
Hydrodynamic cleaning
Maintenance of electrical equipment
After-fire cleaning